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Do you think you are indispensable?

Hold on! before answering this question, please read this short story. " When Elon Musk's assistance, Mary Brown asked for a major raise after she had been working for him for 12 years, Elon told her to take 2 weeks off, during which he can see if she was important to his business. When Mary… Continue reading Do you think you are indispensable?

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Womenomics: Japan’s economy winning formula

In a commentary published by CNBC last Sunday, Paul A. Laudicina, the chairman of AT Kearney's Global Business Policy Council, "prescribed"  to any country that is struggling with demographic or productivity challenges, Japan's winning formula.  What is the Japan's secret? "encouraging more women to work". "The Japanese government has actively encouraging more women to work. Prime… Continue reading Womenomics: Japan’s economy winning formula


what do I miss about life before the Internet? A lot!

Technology has changed all of our lives. Not only accessing easy information, but "also the comfort to do almost everything online from ordering food to pay our bills." As I was skimming the web, I came across a survey of 2,000 people , published by the Independent, yesterday about the top 25 things we miss but… Continue reading what do I miss about life before the Internet? A lot!

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10 things I Believe In

If you can think of any additional ones, please share them with me and others in the comments. People who strive to reach their goals can make a huge impact in the world. Empathy and caring for others helps us all succeed and give us the ability to understand the thoughts of others. The Keys… Continue reading 10 things I Believe In