Instant Gratification from Generation-Y


While I was encouraging my baby to walk her first steps into a big city before years, I didn’t imagine that, one day, I will learn from her how to do things better.
Yesterday, she invited me for a ” cup of coffee” while driving. Using an app, while still in the car, she placed the order and pay ahead for it. The smart app could’ve told us also ” what music was playing that moment” at the store before we even walk in. Walked directly to the “pick-up counter” No cashiers, No waiting line. That was “gotta have it right now” experience or ” Instant Gratification” from “Generation-Y”. Growing up with technology has made our kids dependent on the idea of always being connected. Can you imagine how the next generation will live? “Generation Alpha”, as they have been called by some social scientists are our kids who are aged 1-7 now and when all of them are born by 2025, they will be 2 billion. Are we ready for a “digital age” generation and new ” Tech-Educated natives” ?

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