education, STEM

I guess my son was right!


“Chinese are smarter than us”. I can’t forget how mad was my first grader son when he told me his teacher said that . I said: NO son. They are not. We are the same. Every nation has smart people. What I could not explain for him, is why “I think” his teacher said that. Possibly, she was so frustrated with the restricted education budget we have here in the US. It is so sad, that programs such as Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) was originated here, and we slash its budget now. At the sam time, countries like China projected spending on (STEM) is $15 billion by 2020. Smart! I guess my son was right. They want their kids in school to have that experience of seeing how science and math lead to making things and to encourage them to work on exciting real-world projects from the start. STEM subjects are the way to empower creativity. When our kids, in schools and colleges witness real-world examples of how science works, we already created opportunities to excite them about STEM. What excite them more is, visits from scientists and engineers to share their knowledge and experience.

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