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Tesla’s Powerwalls are cooling down classrooms in Hawaii

The $100 million appropriated by the Hawaii State Legislature helped to cool down 1,190 classrooms to date, with contracts set for more than 1,300 classrooms. The governor ordered the Hawaii State Department of Education to cool down the class rooms without increasing its energy bills, and Tesla’s Powerwall was the answer. Tesla installs 300 Powerwalls to solve the problem.

“In a partnership with the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute, classroom temperatures and environmental data collected at public school campuses will be posted to a new website. Beginning this month, the Hawaii State Department of Education (HIDOE) Thermal Comfort website will feature data from 37 schools with weather stations and 62 schools with indoor sensors that monitor classroom temperatures statewide.”

The children attending these schools will now know a lot more about “how green energy tech works and will have access to the environmental information produced for use in class projects. The data can also be viewed online at the website.



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