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Australia and the US to launch an Australia-U.S. Energy Partnership

Trump_US_Australia_31836.jpg-b541f_c0-6-2575-1507_s885x516 photo

In a joint press release by the United States of America and Australia, the leaders of Australia and the United States announced that they will launch an Australia-U.S. Strategic Partnership on Energy in the Indo-Pacific. The partnership aligns the goals of Australia’s Foreign Policy White Paper and the U.S. National Security Strategy, including to promote regional infrastructure and energy cooperation, open and competitive energy markets and improved rules and standards in the Indo-Pacific.

This is some of the main highlight of the press release which was issued by the white house on February 23, 2018:

Core Principles

  1. Open and competitive energy markets are indispensable to ensuring secure energy supply.
  2. Universal access to affordable and reliable energy from a variety of sources is needed to help eradicate poverty, fuel sustainable economic growth, and increase global security.

Priority of the work plan will be given to “deployment of low emissions technologies which support the secure, reliable, affordable and sustainable supply of energy.”


To learn more about the agreement, visit the press release page here.


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