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Nike is going 100% renewable with new 86MW wind farm in Texas

Nike Photo

In a press release by Nike news last month, the company announced that it has signed its second major wind contract with Avangrid Renewables — this time for 86 megawatts of Texas wind power.

With this agreement, Nike will source 100% renewable energy  and “will continue to drive collaboration to accelerate a low-carbon growth economy.”

“This virtual power purchase agreement (PPA) will come to life through the Karankawa Wind Farm near Corpus Christi, Texas, that’s scheduled for completion in mid-2019. Nike’s power purchase commitment of 86 megawatts over the life of the agreement is equivalent to powering more than 400,000 average American households with carbon-free energy or to the emissions reduction of taking nearly 800,000 vehicles off the road for one year.”

Source: Nike News

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