Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook are going green

Industry leaders, the big 5, such as Google and Apple are paving the way for sustainable future.

All of Apple’s data centers have been powered by renewable energy since 2013. Google committed to 100% renewable energy for all operations in 2017. Since 2012, Microsoft ’s data centers have been carbon- neutral. In 2016, Amazon passed their goal of relying on renewable energy for 40% of their data center needs. As of mid- 2017, Amazon had six solar farms and four wind farms, delivering a combined 2.6 million MWh of energy to their data center’s grid annually. Facebook has committed to using 100% renewable energy for their data centers, with a goal of 50% renewable energy for all operations by mid-2018.  What motivate big companies to go green?

The answer is simply, “Reduction in energy cost, tax incentives, and increased customer demand”.


“Looking towards the future, I think we should see more adoption of renewable energy. Especially as the big 5 companies continue to have plans for sustainability.”

Source: New report by analysts at IHS Markit


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