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Because “Storage of renewable energy is the future”, Australia wants to lead the world in the development of storage technology

The new projects will be near the Tesla battery site in Jamestown. Photo: ABC News

“Storage has always been a key component of an electricity system and pumped hydro allows renewable electricity to be stored and used when required, without introducing carbon into the equation.”

That is what Deion Campbell, the CEO of Tilt Renewables, said. Tilt Renewables is a leading developer, owner and manager of renewable energy generation assets (in) Australia and New Zealand, will build a new 44MW solar farm and 21MW/26MWh battery system connected to their existing wind farm near Snowtown and plans to construct also a 300MW, 1350MWh pumped hydro energy storage project. The two projects can increase the “region’s renewable capacity by 365 MW”. “Of that, 300 MW will come from the pumped hydro project, 44 MW from the solar farm, and 21 MW from the battery at the solar farm”.

Both projects will create about 500 jobs during construction.

The Energy Minister Tom Koutsantonis said :”More renewable energy means cheaper power for South Australians. Storage of renewable energy is the future and once again we are seeing South Australia lead the world in the development of a broad range of storage technology”.

Source: News releases by South Australia Government.


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