what do I miss about life before the Internet? A lot!

Technology has changed all of our lives. Not only accessing easy information, but “also the comfort to do almost everything online from ordering food to pay our bills.”

As I was skimming the web, I came across a survey of 2,000 people , published by the Independent, yesterday about the top 25 things we miss but no longer due to technology. The survey found that we miss mixtapes and physical photos the most.

After reading this sweet article, I started asking myself what do I miss about life before the Internet? A lot!

A letter from an old friend, a feeling of being unreachable, and having fewer distractions. Do you miss like me, having putting photos into your albums?

When is the last time you send a postcard? It is being long time since I did so.

I miss eating with my family without having everyone “glued to their phones”, or watching my kids playing in outside in the yard.

You know what I miss the most? PRIVACY !

Just Google your full name and you will know what I am talking about.

The Independent survey results show us how dependant we have become on the internet and being connected at all times – even while traveling.

The survey also found that 40 per cent of Britons would use one hour of wi-fi to check social media, 37 per cent said they would email friends and family and three in 10 would read the news. Others would do online shopping, download and listen to music and watch catch-up TV.​

Here are the Independent’s “Top 25 things we miss but no longer do due to technology”

1. Making mixtapes

2. Put photos into albums

3. Recording films and TV shows using VHS

4. Having printed photos around the house

5. The excitement of having photographs developed before you can see them

6. Handwritten letters

7. Sending love letters

8. Sending postcards

9. Having pen friends

10. Buying CDs and having a CD collection

11. Using public telephones

12. Using a telephone directory

13. Carrying a portable CD player

14. Going into the travel agents to research a holiday

15. Buying disposable cameras

16. Turning to a hard copy of the Yellow Pages

17. Playing traditional board games or cards

18. Owning an encyclopedia

19. Dialling directory enquiries

20. Visiting car boot sales to sell old stuff

21. Remembering phone numbers off by heart

22. Hand-writing essays and school work

23. Ringing the speaking clock

24. Trying on pairs of shoes on the high street

25. Dialling 1471 to see who called while you were out





1 thought on “what do I miss about life before the Internet? A lot!”

  1. What is stopping you from doing some of these things? Is there a rule now in 2018 that strictly forbids you from actually writing a letter to someone instead of an email? Why can’t you play board games? Go on Meetup I guarantee that you can find a board game party! As for recording on a VCR, My complaint about that is how brainwashed people became just by the word “record” when things like Tivo came out. You/we were still RECORDING shows but all of the sudden Tivo and DVR became the verb and not record. I have news for you, you were still freaking recording the show – just a different device! Man, I could go on and on with all of these. You want to do something, do it! Don’t let society brainwash you into thinking you cant!


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