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Trump administration seeks 72% renewable energy office’s budget cut

According to a draft budget proposal “obtained by the Washington Post”, the Trump administration will ask Congress “for major budget cuts to the Energy Department’s renewable energy and energy efficiency programs”. This is another bad news for the US renewable energy after the last week Trump’s tariffs on imported solar panels.

The current budget of the Energy Department’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy is $2.04 billion for the current fiscal year, which ends Oct. 1.

The Trump administration seeks cutting this budget to $575.5 million and reducing the staff from 680 to 450 in 2019.

According to the Washington Post report, the proposed budget cut, ” would ax research in fuel efficient vehicles by 82 %, bioenergy technologies by 82 %, advanced manufacturing by 75% and solar energy technology by 78 %.” The new budgets is bringing the budget of the electric car technologies and fuel efficient vehicles from $307million down to $ 56 million in 2019.

“It shows that we’ve made no inroads in terms of convincing the administration of our value, and if anything, our value based on these numbers has dropped,” one Energy Department’s renewable energy effecincy program told the Washington Post.


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