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This is why we can’t just say “NO” to this guy!

862291656Personally, I think that, a 100 % renewable energy future is possible, and even attainable. But this is not what some other professionals like or believe in.

Despite the solid success in the recent years in the clean energy industry, there is a lot of debate (political) still going on about the continue of mining and exploring for coal and oil to produce fossil fuels as a sources of energy to our homes, our vehicles, the power industry, and manufacturing almost everything we need.

Shifting to the renewable energy sources in full will take time. 

When it comes to fossil fuel, and because we have used fossil fuel for long time, and already many people are working in this industry, the world already have the technology and the experience that are needed to extraxt fossil fuels, and have already invested a lot of time, effort and money into procuring and using fossil fuel, it it unrealistic to debate that the change will be made overnight! We can’t just let go.

The fossil fuel debate

Fossil fuels are every where and easy to find all over the world. They can generate huge amounts of energy, even if we just use a small amount of it. Transporting fossil fuels is actually easy and very safe. Fossil fuels generated and still generate thousands and thousands of jobs yearly. Fossil fuel plant can be set up anywhere in the world as long as it gets large quantities of fuel to generate power.

On the other side of the coin, the main disadvantage of using fossil fuels, is the pollution that they create, and they can cause serious environmental and health concerns. Fossil fuels are “finite”, meaning, that, one day we will running out of the gas, coal and petroleum reserves. As soon as we will completely use our reserved, there is nothing more left. Probably that will be in less than 200 years.

The Future is renewable

The future of the world’s energy is going in this direction and looking like it will rely heavily on renewable sources. The question is when, and at what rate?

Today, there are no technological or economic barriers for the entire world to switch to renewable energy sources. Many researchers believe that this goal can be achieved in few years. The most important thing now, is to combine renewable energy into the other energy sources until we achieve our goal of 100 % renewable-energy infrastructure.

1 thought on “This is why we can’t just say “NO” to this guy!”

  1. Quiet complex to face the issue but, as long as the switch do not performed the consequences will be worst, 200 hundreds years will be too late… Certainly, when you dive in a river you cannot leave it immediatly, but is a fact that Generation is not the base of the problem, Transport neither is so, the principal measures must be taken on Industrial, Residential and Big Buildings Consumption which Energy use is not efficient and losses are intolerable. Is possible to generate Electrical Energy from few wisely planned Water Resouces to industrial hubs supported by Renewable Microgrids to Residential and Big Buildings ones, with careful Distribution Networks Design. Then, battery chargers on this sites will enhance the use of electric vehicles relieving even more the Environment charge.Voltage and frequency unbalance interconection and other technical issues are not so difficult as the measures that must be taken on Financial Sector, where is paramount to implement a clear distinction between commodities and other products and services.


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