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Tesla’s 3rd massive battery in Australia is about to happen

But this time in the Australian state, Queensland. Of course, success leads to another.

After completing the first 100-MW battery and signing another 20-MW battery in South Australia, Tesla may build a massive battery in Queensland larger than the first two.

Tesla partner in the first two projects, the French renewable-energy developer Neon’s head Garth Heron, said in an interview last week that Queensland has “a lot of need for electricity storage” and that the successful development of the 100-MW battery system in South Australia “opened up [Neoen’s] thinking with respect to large-scale storage.”

“The new project would be located at Neoen’s Kaban Green Power Hub, 80 kilometers (50 miles) southwest of Cairns. Once fully operational, the Kaban Green Power Hub will be able to power nearly 57,000 homes.”

Tesla, officially did not get the Queensland project, but assuming that Neoen was involved in the Tesla’s first two projects in South Australia, it’s understood that Tesla will be doing this third project.

Tesla completed its first 100-MW project in a record time; 100 days. The Battery reposed to an outage in another record time; 0.14 Second. A success led to awarding another 20-MW project in South Australia.


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