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Renewable energy trends to watch in 2018

Tesla Battery Gigafactory
  1. The falling costs.
    As per a recent report for The Guardian, solar prices have dropped by around 62% since 2009, while offshore wind costs have also dropped to $77 per megawatt hour. Experts are expecting prices to continue drop down in 2018.
  2. Chinese dominance.
    China, the global leader in solar generation, surpassed their solar PV 2020 targets already, and they are investing $395 billion in renewable power by 2020.
  3. The competition in battery technology. 
    With Tesla is completing its biggest battery factory in the US, China announcement of the “120 gigawatt-hour battery cell” in 2012 and many battery factories plans in Sweden, Hungary, Poland and Germany, the battery and energy storage market  will increase in 2018.

As the world is moving forward towards renewable energy, the future is bright for job seekers. In 2018, we expect the number of new renewable jobs announcements all over the world to pick up as a result of this huge completion from renewable players.

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