A blow to Trump’s mission to revive the struggling US coal industry

Trump promised a rally in Virginia, 2017 to bring back coal plants. 
Getty Images 

Donald Trump’s promise to bring back “beautiful” coal power plants was rejected yesterday by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission(FERC). The decision was unexpected and comes “amid repeated promises by Trump to rejuvenate coal as the nation’s top power source”. The industry has been besieged by multiple bankruptcies and a steady loss of market share as natural gas and renewable energy have flourished”, The Guardian & Washington Post reported.

The FERC said: “while it had not used the term “resilience,” it had pursued policies that would “ensure the uninterrupted supply of electricity in the face of fuel disruptions or extreme weather threats.”

“This outright rejection of subsidies for coal and nuclear shows that Commissioners of both parties have little interest in manipulating electricity markets in favor of any fuel source,” said Paul Bledsoe, a lecturer at American University’s Center for Environmental Policy.



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