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He made it again! Another massive battery system in south Australia


Tesla was choosen again today to build another 20 MW battery system to support another  204 MW wind farm at the Bulgana Green Power Hub in Western Victoria. Tesla’s first successful battery system at a wind farm in south Australia “inspired the neighboring state of Victoria to also choose Tesla for the new battery system.”

The new smaller  20-MW battery system will be launched summer 2019 to support the new Nectar Wind Farms. “The site, next to a wind farm near the western Victorian town of Stawell, could be the first of perhaps a dozen or more battery and storage ventures in the pipeline, according to the Smart Energy Council”.

“What we’re seeing in South Australia and in Victoria is really the tip of the iceberg for projects that will be coming along,” John Grimes, the head of the council, said.

Bruce Mountain, director of Carbon and Energy Markets, a consultancy, said the battery is already proving its worth with the full implications still to come.

“The biggest single source of insecurity to the power system is a trip of a major coal thermal generator unit simply because they are so large – [it’s] not the wind or the sun, or people switching on their airconditioners,” he says.

The good news is that Tesla has more than 100 days to finish this new project!


3 thoughts on “He made it again! Another massive battery system in south Australia”

  1. Love this guy (musk) . Shows bold market entry needs a disruptive view of risk . Most large corporations wouldn’t have gone near his initial implementation once they had ‘risk modelled’ the commercial / technical aspects of the project.


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