Tesla’s Closed Loop Battery Recycling Program

Both of my posts about “Tesla’s grid-scale battery” and last week news;  “Tesla batteries responded to an outage in 0.14 seconds” found huge interest among power engineers in different places. The main concern was about the “potential environmental hazard of recycling such huge batteries. Since then, I was trying to look for some engineering analysis or technical details about the project and unfortunately  I could not find a lot. I did contacted Tesla Engineering and I hope I can receive more information soon. Mean while, I was able to find an old website from 2011 in Tesla web site about how Tesla’s recycling program. As per the website, and if this still valid, Tesla uses “Kinsbursky Brothers”  to recycle about 60 percent of the battery pack in North America, and “Umicore” in Europe. Umicore’s factory recycle Tesla’s  batteries into completely reusable materials and substantially reduce the carbon footprint of manufacturing Lithium-ion batteries by creating “products” and “byproducts,” rather than following a mechanical separation process. As per Tesla, “The only  emissions from the recycling process are CO2, water vapor, and dust. The dust makes up about 1 percent of the total output, and goes to protected landfill”


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