Thinking of a job in Texas? You are damn right. But why so many people are moving to Texas?


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Every way you look at it, Texas, is a great place to live, learn and work! and there are thousands of people moving to Texas every year. In brief Texas has it all. Jobs, affordable housing, low taxes and Texans are very friendly people. Actually, most of Texans “born and still live here”. A common answer you get always from any Texan when you ask him, where are you from, “I was born and raised in Texas”. Texas is the “stickiest” state in the country and Texans are not going anywhere.

Some of the reasons why I love living in Texas.

  1. Texans. Yes, the people here are amazing. They are “normal people” easy to get along with. I personally can start friendly chat with any one here and maybe become friends. Over the years, I knew how it is very nice to live here.
  2. Employment. The main reason people come to Texas is jobs. Texas has the world energy capital, Houston. But also, technology and manufacturing sectors are strong. Texas cities alway rank among the fastest growing cities nationwide.
  3. In Texas you can enjoy a “middle class living“. Utilities, transport costs and, most importantly, housing prices, are relatively low.  And taxes are lower than most of the other 50 states.
  4. Texas has some of the biggest cities in the country. You can choose to live either in one of the largest cities in the country and afford it. Just pick between Austin, Houston, San Antonio, or Dallas.
  5. Texas has over 200 institutions of higher education to choose from.

If you are new graduate or looking for a job that pays good, Texas may be the answer



2 thoughts on “Thinking of a job in Texas? You are damn right. But why so many people are moving to Texas?”

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