After visiting my father’s grave, I kept talking about him to my 7 years old son who used to join me every time we visit him. Suddenly, my son said: “Your dad was a hero”. Indeed. He was protector, provider, supporter, coach and counselor.

I loved him just because he was my father. But I admire him the most, because he was a teacher and I was his student. We were very close and I was very fortunate that I was able to take 3 months off and flew to the US to be with him at the end.

I watched my father through his life journey as a teacher working hard. I often, “sarcastically” used to ask if his effort worth what they are paying him? His answer always was the same; “Teaching is an honorable profession”. “We, the teachers make the lives of all successful human beings”. ” We teachers, convey knowledge, behaviors, information, and cultural norms from one generation to the next”. Helping others succeed is the teacher’s reward”.

My father was a great story teller. He used to share with me stories about people from the different countries he worked or lived in during his “life-long teaching mission”. I quote : “I learned the most from people who had different cultural norms and I encourage you to do the same”. From him, I learned the most valuable lessen in my life; “Never judge on any one by his or her skin color, gender or culture. If you do, you are missing absolutely whom they are”. He believed we are all one.

I am now in my 50s and I feel it is the time to do something special to honor the memory of the man who taught me so much. I wish I can write this blog again and again.

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