Women in Engineering

Women in STEM: New 2017 US Update

In November 13, 2017, the US Department of Commerce releases new updated report  provides a more detailed look at the gender dynamics of the STEM economy in USA.

Here are some of the Key findings in the new report:

  1.  Women filled 47 percent of all U.S. jobs in 2015 but held only 24 percent of STEM jobs.
  2.  Women with STEM jobs earned 35 percent more than comparable women in non-STEM jobs
  3.  Women holdt 30 percent of all STEM degree holder particularly engineering.
  4.   Women with STEM degree are more likely to work in education or healthcare.

This report does not explain why gender differences in STEM still exist but proved  that there is an opportunity to expand the number of women in STEM.


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