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Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Netherlands and United Kingdom are the top 5 among the world’s best energy system.

The World Energy Council ranks 125 countries  energy system

The world Council list

The World Energy Council, a UN-accredited global energy body ranks countries on their ability to provide sustainable energy since 2014 through 3 dimensions: Energy security, Energy equity (accessibility & affordability), Environmental sustainability.  The report evaluated the performance of 125 countries with Denmark has the best energy system in the world and Niger ranked 125. Here are some of the general regions evaluations and recommendations by the council:


Most of the European countries are occupying the top ten places globally and all countries placed inside the top 100. Switzerland, United Kingdom and Denmark have the world best energy system and ranked top since the Council launched its Index .


North America remains the second highest performing geographic region on the Index with “uncertainty”  of the future due to the American withdrawal from the Paris Agreement. All three countries continue to improve their energy systems .


Latin America and Caribbean faces  the extreme weather, poor diversification of energy sources, and societal issues such as widespread inequality challenges. The council sees  some positive signs with many countries setting ambitious goals for emissions reductions and EV adoption. The council recommended bigger interconnection between countries, large-scale investments in infrastructure.


Asia is facing the challenge of facilitating sustainable growth while making progress. The expected increase in the use of distributed generation and distributed energy resources can assist with meeting goals in security, equity, and sustainability.

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Middle East and North Africa:  Solar and wind renewables, is expected to be increasingly deployed throughout the region to diversify energy sources, reduce GHG emissions, and improve energy access, especially in remote areas .


Sub Saharan Africa: The region must attract investment, build institutional capacity, and improve its on- and off-grid energy supply in order to unlock the region’s resource potential and meet future energy demand.

Source: The World Energy Council. For list of all the countries, or visit : WEC Energy 


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