The truth about Bill Gates and his monopolistic competitive intensity


The Telegraph called him a hero,  we know him as “the world’s richest man”, and  millions of donations, will not forgive his “illegal monopolistic”. Microsoft “used unfair contracts that choked off competition and preserved its monopoly position. Bill made the computer manufacturers pay for the software whether it is install in their computers or not. As a result of that, he prevented competitor from entering the market. “Microsoft had hurt consumers by stifling competition in the software marketplace, particularly at the expense of the Netscape browser”. Bill Gates only needs to win and only to win, whether he wins gracefully or not gracefully. It does not matter for him. The computer world will not forget this competitive intensity.  “There are Websites dedicated to reviling him, law firms focused on foiling him and former friends who sputter at the mention of his name. Companies such as Netscape, Oracle and Sun Microsystems publicly make thwarting his “plan for world domination” into a holy crusade.”

To learn more: THE REAL BILL GATES (Documentary) and read the 18 years old Time’s report: “Microsoft Enjoys Monopoly Power, Is Microsoft mortally wounded?

You may also, read here how Microsoft agreed to end unfair practice.

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