Wearables are cool, but do they work for everyone?

Wearable devices like fitness trackers and smart watches don’t work for everyone.- ABC Photo

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC),The wearables market is entering a new phase. The wearables market will nearly double before reaching a total of 240.1 million units shipped in 2021. Wearables such as Apple watches and all Android wear devices, wrist bands, and smart clothing are good for tracking, giving real time feedback, healthy competition and learning to live healthy.  But why an ABC online report is saying that people start giving up on them.

According to ABC report, fitness trackers can become a source of negativity by reminding users of what they’re failing to achieve, and can become annoying. Also, sometimes  friends and family members do not support using wearables.

Ref: Worldwide Wearables Market to Nearly Double by 2021, According to IDC.

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