Jamaica got it right

Because energy fuels growth, Jamaica’s largest solar plant provides affordable clean energy.

Solar PV power in Jamaica resort

Jamaica just started  a 37MW, US$60 million PV project , the largest PV project at Paradise Park, Westmoreland, which is expected to be completed within a year.

This project will allow Jamaica to “spur its energy diversification efforts”, the Energy minister said. He also said :“Where we are, ladies and gentlemen, we are on the right trajectory to ensure that we not only supply residential customers, but the productive sector as well [with] affordable energy. It is what is going to actually fuel growth”.

The new PV project will be developed over 80 hectares of land and is expected to create between 200 and 300 jobs during its peak and 30 full-time employees during the plant’s 20-year lifespan.

The power plant is being built by a consortium, including French company Neoen, an independent producer of renewable energy; Rekamniar Frontier Ventures, an emerging market-energy developer founded by Jamaican Angella Rainford; and German-based company MPC Capital, an asset and investment company.

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