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Turning food waste into green energy

Two simple processes could turn food waste  into environmentally friendly biofuel.


Denise Chow, of NBC reported this month that a Roy Posmanik, researcher at Cornell University in New York, told NBC, they can turn food waste into a valuable resource.

The process “involves heating food waste under high pressure essentially pressure-cooking it to create an oil that can be refined into fuel.” As the researcher told NBC.

The process “break down the waste into biogas”. This converted gas can be used to produce electricity and heat, according to the researchers.

More of the NBC interview with the researcher and others can be found here.

Wasting Food Means Wasting Energy. UT professor said that the U.S. could power Switzerland for more than a year just in the energy we lose in wasted food.

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  1. Very good article.

    Would like to know more please. kindly help send more information to my email. Appreciate it. Looking forward to implementing same here.


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