People who strive to reach their goals can make a huge impact in the world

Nothing come easily. Anything worth achieving” will always have obstacles in the way (Photo: thechoiceperspective.com)

How do you overcome hard times?

Prior to starting my company, I thought to myself that if other people can start businesses, why can’t I? I started my first business back in 1998. And I tried to push my limits in order to expand the possibilities for my company’s growth. For several years, the company did do well. It grew to 135 employees with four branch offices. Because of the quick expansion, it made managing more difficult. I started to lose control of the company and made quick decisions that led to a domino effect of other things going wrong with the business and, ultimately, I called it quits.

I admit that to some extent, I was going to give up on my dreams, often due to this failures and hardship. What inspired me and really ignited my interest to start over again, is a life-changing biography I came across one day about a electrical engineer who moved from India with only $50 and in 2010, end up receiving the U.S. National Medal of Technology and Innovation. His name is B. Jayant Baliga. His invention is called insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT), an energy-efficient transistor, is used in lightbulbs, home appliances, and other applications. This one invention has saved consumers more than US $15 trillion in energy savings.

As someone who also came to the United States looking for opportunity, and am also an electrical engineer who has a goal to do something that touches people’s lives, I know the obstacles of what it takes to achieve the success he did. By following his story, I feel hopeful that I can achieve great things too if I continue to work hard.

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