The Keys to an Effective CV/ Résumé.

CV is our marketing tool and it is our call to get it noticed. Here are my thoughts about writing an effective CV:

The most important key in writing a CV is emphasizing on the part of your key qualifications that the employers are in need for. Applying with the same CV every time is taking us nowhere. If the job demands academic background, high spot that part at the beginning and if the job required a solid experience, get the attention and highlight your strong experience at the start. In real life, HR and hiring managers are dealing with thousands of applications and all what they have is few seconds to look at your CV. If you do not high light the golden key they are looking for, they will not waste a second looking at your CV. This is the most important key in writing and updating your CV.

Detailed CV is important key for writing a noticeable CV:

No one have the time to search in your CV for details of what can you do for them. Your CV should explain how you can fit. Saying general terms like IT specialist or site project manager will not help you. Be specific and tell them what you can do exactly. Most of us highlight what we have accomplished during our many years of experiences and do not project this on what we can do. The new employers want to know why they should hire you. Show them how the experience you have will benefit their companies. Highlight how much time and money you saved and revenues increased.

Stick to one format for your CV; Chronological or functional:

If you pick chronological layout, make sure to lists your work history to date and should include current job, business’s name and position, dates of engagement, and achievements. If you pick functional format CV, list appropriate involvements with less emphasis on consecutive order or details. This format should comprise capability, skills and achievement applicable to the opportunity applied for. For this format to be efficient, you need to know exactly what is the future job is looking for. In general, emphasizing on the most recent job helps to demonstrate you better, write related knowledge’s to the job you are applying for, highlight talents, strengths and accomplishments. Finally, Work experience example is what the new employer loves to read.

For young professional without experience, I always recommend showing the skills they have learned in school or during internship experience are transferable skills to the new job they are applying for. Great examples are preparing detailed reports; research capabilities, communication skills and time management are something to talk about in student CV. Remember keep it Short 150-200 words.


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