Some Engineering Aspects of the Air Field Lighting


We see them all the time while setting in the Airplane or driving by the Airport runway. Air field lighting, many bright lights beautifying the airfield.

Airfield Field Lighting used for the first time late 1920 and developed significantly to high technology LED lighting. Even if the technology is considered “low” comparing to other high tech automatic landing systems and other complicated aircraft systems used in airports, it is always considered a major safety feature.

The lighting pattern of the Air Field Lighting confirms the correct approach angle and safe landing. The Airfield Lighting system comprises of white approach lights installed and extended at least 2000 feet outside the runway, green threshold lights to show the start of the landing area, white / yellow runway edge, white red runway center lights, red runway end, green Taxiway, and blue Taxiway Edge lights.

Airfield lighting control & monitoring System is used to control and monitor all Airfield Lighting, monitor their status and provide the appropriate feedback to the operator and maintenance staff. Another major trend for airfield lighting is the increasing emphasis on becoming greener, with several airport start using LED lights to drastically reduce energy consumption. LED airfield lighting is increasingly used at airports in the United States as part of the green solutions portfolio. However, implementing LED is not as simple as unscrewing one light bulb and replacing it with another. 1-airport-lighting

Air filed lighting engineers are highly required all over the world and for those who are interested; I recommend some training on airfield circuit theory and operation covers airfield lighting product specifications used by various organizations (FAA /ICAO), Constant Current Regulator (CCR) or a Switchgears Regulator System (SGRS), the operational theory of airfield series circuits and the operational differences between airfield incandescent and LED lighting. ADB , and Crouse-Hinds of Cooper Industries are the world’s leading airfield lighting Technology Companies in the FAA and ICAO markets and offer many training courses and information about this great field of engineering.

airfield-lighting-4In Turkmenistan, a country located in Central Asia, I have led the development of a 2.8 kilometer airport runway lighting and power system for the country’s Mari Airport and been involved with air field systems design and installation as a contractor and engineer managing the installation and commissioning of many airfield lighting systems for many years and found it a great field of electrical engineering and a career that does not required local experience. Airfield lighting is the same throughout the world.

So next time you’re on a flight, think of this filed.

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