Quality is a Proven Way to Achieve Sustained Growth & Profitability



No matter how large or small your company is, building your clients confidence and loyalty should be always your goal.

To fulfill all the aspects of company’s contracted obligations to the satisfaction of your clients, consistently incorporate a quality system.

Occasionally, I get question from an entrepreneur or a client asking why the a quality system is essential for businesses? I admit that most of the times, the advices I give are helpful to big businesses only. In fact, I do that because big businesses represent the largest segment of the market and applying a quality management system cost companies a lot. Before many years, My company, Engineering Applications developed a quality management system to comply with the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001:2000. A process and policy cost me at that time over $50,000. Although the idea was costly for a small business like mine, I learned a lot from applying such a quality system in my company. But, adapting such a quality system helped me beat out some of my competition and landed me many new clients and projects over the years.

Quality systems are essential to fulfill all the aspects of your company’s contracted obligations to the satisfaction of your client; or if you are planning to be recognized as a leader in your industry; orin you are planning to provide your employees with stability and good working environment; and finally, achieve sustained growth of your business and maintain consistent profitability. To build your client confidence and win their loyalty, you should endeavor continuously to carry out works of superior quality, on time, every time, at competitive prices. Achieving such goals is easier with applying quality system to ensure that the needs and expectations of the customers, including unstated requirements will be determined, and converted into product requirements to achieve customer satisfaction. All the company units should be part of this process.

In spite of the high budget I spent when my company developed such a quality system, the truth is that, applying quality management procedures in your work does not need spending such money. Quality procedures are simple, applicable and do not require sophisticated skills if you take things down to their most basic concepts. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) published a document explains the basic principles of quality system. The document has been organized to comply with the requirement of the International Standards ISO but has a very simplified procedures and information. Even if you are not planning to develop a quality system that meets the ISO requirements, you will find such a document very helpful and I recommend read it.

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