Public interaction is important for Engineers.

People relation is the key to become successful.
It’s important for engineers   to become a member of the society and meet new people always. Social interaction is extremely important for engineers as it is the key to a successful engineering career.
Experiencing life outside is beneficial to us and gives us the chance of gaining more experience.

Of course, you know many people but they don’t necessarily know who you are. About a century ago, social life was pretty diffident, and most folks knew each other where they had been born.   Since then, society has experienced an intense changes and it has become ordinary for people to move many times during their lives to new jobs elsewhere. The result always is that our links have become small along the way.  Facebook, LinkedIn,   and many social networking have leisurely reduced “doing stuff” together and sooner rather than later the relationships will fade. People interactions with each other by face to face conversations bring radically more satisfaction than those involving the other technologies. Being in the same room with people make a huge difference of what social media can do.

IEEE encourages the use of social media which consists of Web sites, portals, and applications, but at the same time members networking and interaction through local meetings and events which would be a starting point for engineers to be part of public life.

Originally published in The Analog.

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