Engineering Student; Prepare for the future !

In my job as an engineer, I have worked with a large number of young engineers just beginning their careers and not aware that the engineering profession is not what they have learned in schools.

The Challenges:

When graduate engineers move through education into the workforce, they face obstacles to secure employment and their career.

  • You will be an engineer for the rest of your life, which will take you into new areas you never dream of, so it is important to know if engineering is right for you.
  • Be aware that engineering needs creative people who can explore and invent new alternatives that make the world different and find solutions that shape our lifestyles.

Be prepared to make a difference:

As an engineer, you will work in a professional atmosphere where you will have the chance to grow through training and you will be provided with the latest technology needed to complete your projects, but to make the difference between achievement and disappointment, follow these simple steps:

  • Learn and understand the differences between college and industry, interning at a company to learn the values and culture of companies.
  • Join technical societies to be open to ideas that will help you develop your professional identity.
  • Be part of Mentor Programs and build connections with professionals who can help you along your targeted career path.
  • Volunteer to be exposed to a wide variety of tasks and responsibilities.

The Reward:

Engineering requires a substantial physical and intellectual investment, but Engineering is a very rewarding career.

  • Engineers are well paid.
  • For many young people, it is not all about money, you will gain respect as people get to know their hard work and skills.

Originally published in the Analog.

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